Where to Serve the Ball!

There are a couple of simple rules to remember when serving:
  1. Make them move before they pass the Ball!
  2. Serve Deep! The further they have to pass the more likely they are to make a mistake!
  3. The Golden Spot is Deep and Right in Between the Players!
Of course, any time you can serve the ball into the deep corners of the court (within 1-2 feet of both the sideline and endline) you will have a winning serve. However, when you miss those spots the ball is usually out!

The rules above are fairly straight forward.

Make them move, is self explanatory, you want them to take a step or two before the pass the ball. Try not to serve the ball right to the players on the other side of the court.

Deep serves force the team to pass the ball farther and anysmall mistake is aggravated by the length of the pass.

Husband and wife serves, or the "That was your ball" syndrome comes from the ball that is halfway between the players, and is always a good choice. If you miss, the ball will still be in the court making the other team play the ball rather than giving them a "free" sideout.

Serves that go directly down the line are always difficult to recieve because they are in the air for less time and you must pass the ball back (over your shoulder) to your partner complicating everything. But when you miss, it is usually out of bounds rather than into the court.

Remember, if you have missed a couple of serves, just serve the ball into the middle of the court until you get your confidence back, service errors come in bunches due to your nervousness after having missed. Serve some in and then go for the big banger.

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