The Series

Beach Doubles Instructional Articles

The Instructional Series

We are presenting our first ever instructional series on 2-player beach volleyball. The intent is to help the beginner as well as the advanced player by either showing or reminding the players why, and how certain techniques seem to work best.

This information is in no way intended to be considered the only or even the best way the game should be played, just one of many ways. Although, we do think we have chosen the most common and/or efficient way to play the game. If you believe you have a better way to instruct anything in the articles, then please take the time to write us with the specifics of how and why you think it should have been done differently, in a format adequate for publication (article), and we will publish those other ideas with your byline if they meet our editorial standards.

These articles assume that the player knows how to bump/pass, set, hit, dink, block, and serve the ball adequately to participate in a doubles game. Teaching those basic skills is not something that lends itself easily to articles in a magazine or book, although we do attempt to give some coaching pointers on common techniques. However, there are many books that will attempt to teach you those skills that you can probably find at your local library.

Practice, with proper instruction will benefit the beginner more than any article ever could (Tuesdays and Thursdays at Jenkinson's, we have courts available for practice, and some Open Level Players that will help teach you, if you ask them nicely, until you start beating them, that is!) .

Singin Smith once said, "The only way to get better at beach volleyball is to Play, Play, Play, and then Play some more!"

We agree!

We hope you will find the information helpful.

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