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 Monmouth County, NJ & Vicinity Players

Are you looking to play competitive indoor volleyball???

Intermediate (B-BB) or Advanced (A-AA)  

Are you looking to meet new friends??? 

We have what you are searching for!


Spring 2017 Announcement and Notes




For information about the club, please check the Site Links below. If you can't find the info you are looking for - email the VOLUNTEERS:


2016-2017 SCHEDULE


League Information (all you ever wanted to know about us)


House Rules

Liability Release (PDF)

Code of Conduct Form (PDF)

TEAM Form (Please use if you are entering a team and forward to the volunteers)

Coaches Corner - Playing Tips & Strategies

Previous Seasons

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Net System Equipment

Matawan Avenue Middle School Gym Directions

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Disclosure: The "Matawan-Aberdeen Recreation Volleyball League" is strictly a non-profit community recreation association, we do not have paid employees, the leagues are run by a dedicated group of volunteers, we do not sell services or products for profit, we make no profit of any kind, and we don't distribute interest or dividends. We do not disclose confidential information. We make every attempt humanly possible to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and our content is within the acceptable public domain guidelines. Participants must abide by our code of conduct, Federal, State, and Local laws (as applicable). Our mission is to provide organized, community, competitive recreation volleyball. The Club coordinates two (2) leagues; B1 league (advanced level) and B2 league (intermediate level).

Our home gym for over 25 years is the Matawan Avenue Middle School.


For information on: USA Volleyball (USAV)
For more information about volleyball in NJ check out the page http://www.njvb.com/
For more information about volleyball in general check out the volleyball.org page.

If you have questions or comments (good or bad) about the club please EMAIL us.

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  1. Subscribe to the group by sending an Email to: matawanaberdeenvball-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

  2. Send us an email with your request to join the group (send email to matawanaberdeenvolleyball@gmail.com)

  3. Go to: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/MatawanAberdeenVball/info and click "Join Group"

Subscribing to our Yahoo group NOTES:

  1. With using method 1 above, you don't have to have a yahoo account. Simply send an email to the address above (I don't believe you need to add a subject line or have an actual message body).

  2. With using method 3, if you don't already have one, you will be prompted to set up a yahoo account first.